What our customers say about us

Freesites is in Australia!!
I'm learning how to build my website as I go
There is a lot of articulate help
I can build my website on my phone
If I really get stuck I can call someone to talk to, yet I haven't needed to do that....yet

Vicki Norris

As a solo owner/operator, I can't afford the expense of hiring a professional company to create a website for me; Freesites gives a professional looking site with almost no expense. It is easy for me to navigate around and create my own website. Computers are not my forte, so if I can do it anyone can. Highly recommend!!!


This has been the easiest web building site I have come across , it is so flexible and easy to add to or use would recommend it way above all other sites

Ley Batten

Thanks for your help with the few queries I have had; I think I have got my head around how to do things now (with a little help from the forums!!!)

Its been a good experience setting up a website with

The responses have been quick and that has made my trepidation at doing this task much smaller !!!

Its so easy to login and get things done in good time.

Tx again


I am so very happy with Freesites. With beautiful templates and a superbly easy system I was able to create my website myself without having to have any techie knowledge at all. The wonderful staff are always there to assist with things such as customisation and the best bit is that they are local so they understand what Australian small business is all about. I would recommend them to anyone.

Julie-Ann Marshall

Its easy to use and prevents multiple log ins so u can tell if someone trying to hack you. I also love the step by step questions and answers way to build makes it so much easier to know what to write and were to write it. Also price was incredible thanks

frieda degastany

It's so much fun to set up all your pages and details because of the help you get online from the site itself.

Peter McCredden

Great service, prompt responses in the help forum, great templates to work with.

Gordon Keddie

Easy to use and fair pricing

Jarrad Taylor

Very easy to operate, Helpful when some problem arise, excellent support.

Toong Lee

I like being able to try a free demo version, a clear hosting fee to pay monthly (instead of up to 2 years upfront), no separate site builder charge, having local support staff and servers, and the option to have emails forwarded at no extra charge.

Martin Plesnicar

Freesites is great, easy way to navigate site to build your web page.

David Charlesworth

Without a doubt Freesites has the best templates, easiest and simplest method to create your own website and so cheap. You can be a dummie and still work it out. I have had 5 websites with Freesites now and all my businesses are super successful. I will never go anywhere else. And if the template doesn't have what I need I can get EXACTLY what I require for a very minimal fee. Fantastic job and love your work!!!!!

Katrina Thorpe

Freesites is such a great website platform - easy to use, affordable and the chat forum's are incredibly helpful. Whenever I have a question the staff are prompt and very helpful with my request. Would highly recommend Freesites to those that want to manage their own website!

Libby Winberg

I have three websites running with Freesites and I'm totally happy with everything they provide. I have given them many questions, problems and new things I want to try and they are always there with a super quick response and a helpful solution. I don't have website coding skills to do this on my own so this is an awesome platform for any business starter.


Took a while to work out, but now I've got the hang of it I love it! Perfect for my small business.

Rebecca Margus

Outstandingly easy to set up a professional website within a few hours. The technology behind the scenes makes it really easy to make a design and add content quickly to get a good looking site up quickly.
Also being based in Australia makes me feel more comfortable.
Keep up the good work.

Keith Nielsen

I have just finished creating my website and I have to say just how happy I am that I chose freesites - it is so easy from start to finish even for people that are not used to this sort of thing, they make it very easy to navigate all aspects of creating a website.
I couldn't be happier - thanks so much freesites!!!

Linda Martins

Great service
Well done!!!

Alex Baranov

The shop add-on is easy to use and automatically creates a professional looking website. Thank you!

Wendy Hewetson

Im not very tech savvy at all, however I was able to build and launch my own site without throwing any tantrums, spitting any dummies or having any mental breakdowns!
So impressed with Freesites, I'll even take the time to leave a review - which only ever happens under extreme anger or absolute satisfaction..
I love the complete control I have and I love how simple Freesites have set everything out (probably in anticipation of IT dummies like yours truly), yet the end result looks completely professional. I keep going back to my site and just toggling through the tabs - half admiring my work, half amazed by it!
Exceeded above and beyond my expectations, by far.

Amanda Paki

Have 3 websites hosted by you now - easy to use and lots of options!

Suzanne Brooks

As a relative beginner I was not sure how I would go, however when I got stuck I just went through the questions section and my answers were there. The selection of templates is good and I cannot see myself requiring any more choices. It took a little while to understand the terminology, but it was good fun to be in control of your own design and knowing that help is close at hand. I recommend Freesites for anyone who wants their own website.

Chris Johnsson

Being with Freesites now for 6 months, I am very happy all around. I like the website builder and the choice of add-ons, which are easily customized. The forum is a great source for help and ideas and the friendly Freesites team quick to respond when further assistance is needed.
I can recommend Freesites to anyone who wants to build, manage, update and change their own website however and whenever they want to.


Your site is easy to use and is well accessible. Thanks!

Devereux Designs

Easy to navigate and use for people with limited IT knowledge. Very responsive support forum when you need it.

Dru Thoms

OMG...My website has just gone live and I love it!!! Thank you so much for making the process so easy (that even I could do it LOL). Thanks again, I highly recommend your service :)

Sharon Bricknell

Freesites makes it really easy to develop a website without any in-depth knowledge of web development. They also provide excellent support, responding promptly to requests for assistance, so you don't feel like you are completely doing it alone.

Samantha Sellwood

I think freesites is a great cheap way for small business to get a web presence which is very cost effective.

john giordimaina


Peter Ritchie

Freesites is so easy to use and with so many template choices I found one to match the colours of our business. Our website looks fabulous.....even if I say so myself!

Tony Squire

I am new to business and needed a bit of help getting started. Freesites has saved me money, and provided me with stress-free solutions to my business needs.
I'm quite the novice and support people have been amazing; quick to respond and very patient with me.
Thanks for making things easier for me.

Margaret Allan

Haven't had to set up an email account for a few years and dread the thought each time. Set one up on my Freesite account / OSX this morning and bingo - worked first time. Links perfectly to my iPad too. Well done guys.

Darren Smith

At first I thought this would be a difficult task as I am not really IT savvy but once I made myself actually read the instructions I found it to be a relatively straight forward process. Within a day I have designed the layout on my site using a template, added all of the relevant pages that I now need to go back to add the relevant data, designed a logo and inserted it, created a form. It has exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to finish it and go live.

Julie-Ann O'Connor

Amazing access to clever web designs plus clear and concise 'creating' information when requested

Glenda Jones

Freesites has enabled me to design a website that fits perfectly for my cafe & restaurant, and by doing so has expanded our customer base and awareness. The website is easy to update and has good user-friendly advice throughout to help you on your way. I will definitely be recommending Freesites to fellow business owners, thanks very much!

Michelle Jones

I love that it's so easy to use!!
There are some awesome templates. The only time I had trouble was deciding which template to use.
Thanks Freesites for helping me get my business up and running on the internet!!

Tegan Johnston

I find the staff at Freesites quick to respond to any problems. Very helpful when you are unsure on how to do it yourself. I have been with them for many years now and wouldn't think of going elsewhere - Great Customer Service, Good Value for money, Stylish Websites, Easy to Manage Sites.

Maree Thomas

Freesites is great! support is fast and friendly.

Leah Cooper

Freesites really helps new businesses that are starting out, for those who may not be able to afford a custom made website straight away.

Kristy Mumberson

I like the freshness and flexibility of your site along with the ease of building a website using your demo section.
There seems to be sufficient templates to choose with more coming online all the time and your site is very easy to move around and understand.

Peter McCredden

It's been great, support forum assistance has been fantastic.

Ruth Carey

Freesites were extremely helpful when it came to me setting up the site, re-directing my previous site and making things work for me. The staff are very easy to deal with and go out of their way to make sure your needs are met. These guys are highly recomended

Peter Warren

Freesites is easy to use. It has easy to follow explanations and step by step instructions on how to proceed with setting up your own webpage.

karen johns

Free Sites is easy to use and all round great program. We use you for 2 websites now.

Marie McDonald

Quick and easy to use, good options available.

Veronica Lovell

Thank you very easy to join and simple to use

Charmaine Robson

So quick and easy to setup, takes about an hour for them to do all the backend, simple transfer to domain point, design is easy to setup and use. Very happy with results!

Chris Dunster

freesites absolutely has amazing features. Before I came here, I had spent almost $300 to try some so called free web builders. But I was so disappointed with them. Till yesterday, I found freesites, it is so so so good I bought online shop and the other nonfree functions outright!

Wenyan Wang

Very helpful, very professional, and a pleasure to do business with.


Freesites have continually been a source of support since the day I started my website, always ready to help whenever I need them!! Best service ever!!!

belinda zorzi

Considering I'm fairly IT illiterate it was an easy experience. I still had a few frustrating moments but soon realised there was actually an easy way to achieve what I was trying to do.
If I can put something together almost anyone should be able to do it.

I highly recommend Free Sites!

Ben Mayo

Wow, very impressed with the service so far. Very quick and efficient in answering my questions, even the not so smart ones :). Would recommend to anyone.

Kerri Trengove

Thank you for providing an excellent and stable service for the last few years. I set up a website to sell a property which is now sold so I no longer need the website. This message is just to express my appreciation and say thank you to the caring team at freesites.

Nicola Lessing

Freesites makes it easy to create your own website and if you do have any problems the support staff are fantastic.

Catherine Boykett

It's easy to use and maintain. I love it.

Martine Allars

I love using freesites and have recommended you to many people. I love that the behind the scenes of my website is so easy to use and it suits my business perfectly. You are prompt when i have a question that i need help with and i love the fact that your an aussie business too

Erica Bruton

I found it very easy to set up a website with Freesites compared to other sites I had tried and there prices are great.
Thanks very much

mark mason

I have found that FREESITES offers an easy user-friendly option for creating that fantastic Website you always wanted. I have used Freesites for just over a year and have received constant hosting of my webpage. Payment methods are easy to what are you waiting for! Megalo Wool relies on this webpage and even though I am an amateur at web page development. - the feedback for Megalo Wool's web page has been excellent! A great EASY, reasonably priced way to promote your ideas! Take care and enjoy the response you will received from developing a webpage with FREESITES!

Megalo Wool has xo
Kind Regards Kerry Mckenna.

Kerryann Mckenna

Excellent service,very helpful staff always replying to any queries.
Been with freesites over 1 year now and haven't had any problems.

Thank you , Tony

Tony Andrews

Simplicity and accessible.

Phillip Johnston

So far, so good. My customers' feedback has been great regarding ease of navigation, and the overall look of my site. The support has been very good also.

Having had my store operating for a few weeks now, the only issue I had was with combined postage for multiple products, which didn't quite fit with the Australia Post constraints for my particular shipping needs and listing parameters.
I brought this up to admin via the support forum, and was very pleased to find that investigation and action was taken very quickly to address the problem.

I couldn't be happier with the support, and the overall working of my store. I like the statistics facility also, which saves me mucking around with an outside analytics site.
I've found the site affordable, and easy to edit and make listings, which is awesome for a non-techie such as me!

Thanks heaps. I couldn't be happier.

Di Parsons

I enjoy being able to work on my website at any time with ease and no angst! Freesites provide some great templates and a very easy format to work with.

Bethwyn Harvey

Freesites is sooo user-friendly and professional.

Alyson Locke

This is my second website with Freesites and I would not consider any other company. The service, when required, is fantastic, I love the constant flow of new templates. Such an easy to use system too.

Kelly Garske

We have been using Freesites for 2 years.

Your support service is amazing. You listen to your customers requests and act on them accordingly.

We love that we can update our page at any time.

Highly recommend Freesites - thank you Freesites crew!!!

Nino Di Mauro

I'm loving how easy the website editing is to use and that if I need help, Tech Support promptly reply with solutions or ideas that are clear and easy to follow.


Freesites has been easy to use and I have been given immediate assistance on the help forum whenever I have used it. I would recommend Freesites to anyone looking for a well priced easy to use website builder and email service in Australia.

Cale Sheridan

it was easy, i find the support forum very informative, well done freesites.

Debbie Harris

I chose Freesites for my online business and have no regrets. Their prices are really affordable and the support is great. They are always able to help no matter what the problem is and always get back to you with a answer within a few hours. I highly recommend Freesites.

Stephanie Rosenhain

Like your easy to manage site. Ernie

Ernie Kretschmer

Fantastic websites - they are so easy to use. The personnel are incredibly attentive at addressing any issues or fixing any any page requests. Would definitely recommend. Thankyou.


The site has been so easy to work with and although I'm not live yet, I am pleased with my progress. Loved the templates and the one I have chosen has such a professional look to it. I have also found uploading images to the pages a breeze. Look forward to being live!

Linda Uren

So far I've found it very easy to use and professional-looking. Surprisingly good!

Girvana Park Stud

Eassy to use

jane partington

FREESITES are easy to use and I believe so far good Quality. Thank you

Darren Darch

As a first time web site builder I found it very simple to use and looked very professional once completed. Easy to make changes too

Jason King

Very professional web site, easy to use, has everything you need, excellent price. Very happy customer.

Gwen Gorski

I love our Freesites website! It looks great and was so easy to set up. With step by step instructions, getting our Tattoo Studio on line was so easy! The result is a professional and easy to navigate site, and we have received some great feedback from our clients about our website. Highly recommend Freesites - Thanks and keep up the good work!

Sarah Conway

Thanks for making it so easy to set up my website and cart!

Ellen McKenna

GREAT SITE!!! Thanks

Brady Bourne

Fantastic Site highly recommended easy to use great product

Mark Thurtell

its a good website

Anthony Daley

Fantastic, love that it is always updating to keep my webpage fresh

Jodi Bressow

Thanks so much for fixing up my website images so quickly. I didn't email you till late Sunday afternoon and you fixed my site and emailed me that the job was done on Sunday night. Great service and help.

Helen Mortimer

I find it really good and helpful

Claire Marshall

I've been using Freesites for just under a year now, and from someone that has had very little to do with the internet, it is amazing! Easy to learn, with a great variety of templates. I've seen businesses running classes for other website design and that scares me. It all sounds far too technical. I'm more than happy to recommend to others and have done regularly
Thank you Freesites!.

Kellie Simpson

Easy to use, being a novice at this sort of thing. I was convinced I would have to use a professional but, it is so much fun and to think I would have done it all by myself - is just incredible!!

Pamela Anderson

Hi Guys
Thanks for having such a great program to work with,i'm pretty new to this sort of stuff but i must say this is brilliant to work with
Regards Les

Leslie Enever

Very, very, very, very simple to use/ understand/ navigate, I have zero ability with anything IT yet I had my site designed and shopping cart up and running within a few hours. My only technical issue was addressed very quickly and efficiently - I am MOST impressed.

Adrian Greygoose

Freesites make it all so easy ...the support is excellent and very fast! Would highly recommend Freesites to anyone!


I love the quick response to forum questions. Setting up your site is straight forward and downtime is minimal. This is a great service.

Leisa Hoare

Freesites provides a large number of templates to work with. It's an easy and inexpensive way to set up a website and maintain it yourself, I love it!

Cornelie Mulder

Excellent, fast and good service. I highly recommend freesites to others. Freesites is brilliant and I absolutely love it.

john huynh

great easy to use site with great back end editing options.

Anthony Hunter

The support is amazing! Fantastic templates and extremely quick responses to all of my questions.
Thank you freesites.

Emma Giles

Great service! Simple to use but still with a professional look! Keep up the good work

Jarrad Taylor

it good i come back often

Anthony Daley

response to requests and queeries are good

Ben Williams

As a new business, with no idea about how to create and maintain a professional looking website, we have found the experience to be simple and rewarding. We had a couple of technical issues which were identified and fixed within hours of asking for assistance. All in all were have been using freesites for around 18months and could not be happier. After searching through the mountain of other providers out there we have never looked back with our decision to use freesites. What is there to complain about? The rates are as competitive as I could get, no restrictive page limits, plenty of scope to be creative and no ongoing hassles from the company looking to upgrade. Anyone considering using the site should look around and compare what you are getting, however, the online forum and help are local and extremely friendly. Other sites I looked at are based offshore and had limits on pages and content. Credit where credit is due. Thanks Haidi and Andy Sutherland, Walls of Eden.

Haidi Sutherland

I loved that within hours I had a website up and running. using the templates and loading information, including logos was easy. It takes the hard work out of having a internet site. and ensures that you can maintain and update your own company's website and have that control rather than relying on a third party.

Naomi Swift

Thanks to all the team for the quick response to questions and for the help offered.

This is the second site I have built, the last one I built 2 years ago and I noticed a good improvement in the tools and options available.
Your ongoing improvements and your ease of dealing with is all too rare in this modern world.
Please avoid the temptation to sell out to some international conglomerate, we need you here in Aus.


Vintage Enduro Riders incorporated

The interface is very user-friendly!
Excellent experience so far

Olivia Woosnam

As a basic point of contact for me and my business on the WWW, freesites is ideal - easy to manage and totally hassle-free...which is what i want. Thanks.

Nick Bradley

Free sites is really easy to use and has great templates and a great price!

Virginia Gubbins

I love freesites. You can manage your site with ease. Great Shopping Cart. Help is available when required.

Maree Thomas

For an absolute novice this was fantastic. At first I was a little frustrated BUT then I found the help forum and Roger and Qads were absolutely fantastic and helped me breeze through it. I'd recommend it to everyone.

Carmel Sayer

Easy to use, cost effective and local. Don't need to be web savvy to have a great website

Melanie Schroder

Freesites has allowed me to create an online business quickly and efficiently, with very little experience needed. Love it.

Simon McGuire

free publically available custom web templates!!! Great quality and exactly what I imagined

mia harris

the self guided editing is brilliant. making instant changes to the website - super easy

viktor prichodko

Thank you so much for providing such a great service. I have previously designed my own website in the past and while it is a rewarding task, it's also incredibly stressful and time consuming, especially when it comes to the launching (and inevitably tweeking) phase. Using free sites did take some learning at first but the knowledge base is outstanding and I found all of my answers easily. Being able to enter all your information in and then try on a new 'look' for your website with the click of a mouse is truly a magical thing. And it's the best way to see what actually works and what doesn't. I've been really happy with the designs they've offered and have seen a couple of impressive custom ones that they've done for businesses if I ever choose to go that route. Overall it's definitely the ease of use and the great designs they have that's really impressed me. Thanks!

Vicki Phillips

This is a good system to build and host websites, I have recommended it to other people too.

Anthony Daley

Easy to use, fast tech support, great features!

Shantelle Fawcett

I have good ranking on Google very happy with freesites and would highly recommend it.

Scott KIng

I tried a few websites offering build your own websites,the one thing I really liked about freesites is the amount of support they give you and their build your own website is very user friendly, u can choose different designs to suit your needs and best of all its if your thinking of making your own website, freesites is the one to go with..


they are good sites and easy to find out by people

Mika Jarvio

It is actually quite easy to work with.

Vanessa Bartley

Everything!!! The websites are so easy to use and very affordable. This is my 4th website via Freesites. Customer service and help desk is outstanding. Roger and Qads answer in detail all my silly questions. Marianne is super quick to set up emails and anything else I need. And Olivia...well just check my site out!! Her amazingly magical skills to turn a drab website into a website that has that wow factor. And Qads is a * star * at building!! Can't talk highly enough of these guys. You won't be disapointed

Katrina Thorpe

It was SO easy to set up my new website with I had a couple of questions when I first started and the guys at freesites were great. I've recommended them to my friends and business colleagues.

Christine Tasker

you are doing good, i am happy with the services on my website through you guys are doing a great job. I have told people to join up through this and most of them are going to think about it.

Anthony Daley

I found the site easy to navigate, and help was available at all hours. I appreciated some assistance in setting photos.

Elsa van den Heever

Excellent prompt helpdesk!!!

Natalie Kovacevich

I have been so pleased with Freesites so far. We have another website that costs us a fortune each month and so far your site is so much easier to use and the response time to questions has been exceptional. Thank you!!

Sarah Tritton

Absolutely love freesites. I've never built a website or done anything remotely close to it in the past and I found it so easy. I have set up a shop with many products and everything seems to be working well. My customers have given wonderful feedback saying it is easy to use.

Shelley Sykes

I have found freesites to be very easy to use and it has helped me to manage my website without any fuss for a reasonable cost.
Highly recommend freesites

Eloise Scherer is a fabulous and inexpensive way for small businesses and organisations to get themselves on the internet. The templates are brilliant and the support team are so helpful, you can't go wrong.
Thankyou Freesites.

Tony and Sheila Squire

Prompt and efficient service - I recommend Freesites. :)

Jacinta Obrien

I love Freesites! User friendly, especially for those that are IT 'challenged'! Keep up the good work!

Alysha Henskens

This is an awesome site! Lots to choose from and easy to follow! Can't wait to get my sight up and running! :)


Fantastic Have used Free Sites before and for any start up business it is a great way to initially cut down costs, have great help when needed and you can change and control what you put up on your website at any time. Suits me fine.

Andrew Smith

AIBSS (Associates in Business Support Services) is happy to recommend Freesites - it provides a cost effective website service. You can start off with the basics and as the business develops, Freesites provides optional add-ons. My queries and requests for change have always been responded to promptly in a 'no hassle' and friendly manner.

Cherre Hawkins

Freesites is a great way to get up and running. I found the process easy and the price right.

Lyle Carey

Great. Easy to use and good finished product :)

Graham Sunderland

I have a fairly limited knowledge of computers but found freesites to be very easy to use, and would highly recommend it to anyone trying to build their own website.

matthew fisher

I am just writing to say I am very impressed with the Freesites program. I have tried several DIY programs; however this is by far the easiest one to use. I love all the different templates provided as well. Whenever I have a question on the forum, my questions are answered very quickly and you have always added my requested. Thank you Leanne

Leanne Aloia

i have been with freesites for many years now they been great always been helpfull i always recconmend them. Dave Revamp oldwares

David Mesman

Thank you to Freesites, with your professional templates and designs, I was able to create my website.

Adriana Siciliano

Super easy to use! Very happy with our websites.

Brian Munro

Love it! So easy to use, great support from Marianne, even on public holidays! Keep up the great work!!

Natalie Hall

I just love Freesites. For a non techo person like myself, it is easy to navigate. I very simply add or delete pictures and information as I please and the analytics page is wonderful.

Lucia van Gerwen

Yes free sites works well for me , thanks guys.

Anthony Scuderi

I am very happy with freesites to date. I have found the help you get in the support forum prompt.

Michelle Popplewell

Freesites are simple to use, but have all the features found on websites made by professionals. I'm very pleased to have found an affordable Australian website option for my business.

Steph Macnab

Free Sites is the best value for money and it has all the functions, that you will ever require

Monty Tortorella

Easy to use website creation. Love it

Jennifer Bosma

Very happy with freesites. I operate two business and use freesites for both. Often recommend freesites to other business owners.


simple and easy to use, proffessional looking with all the features we needed

mia park

great value for money

Monty Tortorella

Freesite is great for anyone starting out with making a website.

Scott Clark

Absolute control of my web content at my finger-tips.

Desolie Page

Freesites is second to none with there service and help. anytime i need a hand with anything or have any questions and queries the people there at Freesites are more then happy and assist straight away

shane mourad

Freesites make site ownership and editing really easy. Their templates are great and the Freesite add-ons are simple for new website owners to understand and use to bring in or manage online business.

Roger Lennon

I'm so glad I found freesites. I love their professional looking templates. The whole program is easy to use. All the optional add ons are great and the customer service is fantastic! I highly reccomend them to anyone who is looking to create their own website!

Vanessa Obst

Hi, I have been really happy with my service from free sites. Quick and Easy to set up and great, prompt backup support. Thanks

Elizabeth Duthie

Super happy with site. Easy to use. Would definitely recommend.

Suzanne Brooks

I did extensive research into web template providers and found that freesites had the best feedback from users. I loved that you could click into other users sites to see how it is working for them and get an idea of template set ups. I even contacted one of them for direct feedback to confirm that everything I read was true and that customers found their site easy to use.
I have found setting up my site to be very user friendly and when I logged a query through the forum the support team was very quick to respond. I have received good feedback from customers so far on how my site looks; here's hoping it all pays off! Thank you!

Natalie Delmont

Being technologically challenged has not stopped me from building my own website with! I enjoy being able to update my site anytime I need, adding and deleting contents as required.


Thanks Freesites for a fantastic low-cost website solution. I was able to build my own website with very little cost and zero experience!

The Freesites team are always helpful and offer suprisingly personalised service for such a low monthly cost. The Forum has been a great learning tool for me and I can usually find what I am looking for easily.

Megan B.

I have found freesites to be a fantastic service. It is user friendly, professional and uncomplicated. I have recommended it to all my friends.

Priscilla Leeson

The team at Freesites has been very responsive to my requests and has enabled me to build a professional site for my upstart business at a very low cost. Freesites has responded to me on all requests faster than any IT support center I have ever worked with. They have supported all my requests for customization and ensured I am completely happy with the final product, following up on a timely basis on all requests and inquiries. I recommend Freesites to anyone who is looking to create an online presence for their business or personal endeavors.

Matthew Foley

I have been using Freesites for a few years now. Freesites is large enough to provide excellent service and small enough to answer you personally when you want to add to your site. Freesites keeps growing as you grow.

Leisa Hoare

Freesites has been fantastic, so easy, user friendly and inexpensive. I have had no problems and great feed back on my site. Thank you
Lady Penelope Presents

Penelope Lowther

Freesites have a great product with many and varied options to choose from. They make it very easy to get your site up and running. The support is excellent and I would have no problem recommending them

Kevin Britton

We have been getting quite a few enquiries from overseas guests via our "Freesites" web-site! Louise & Mark

Louise Miller

Everything is going great so far. The site is very explanatory and easy to understand. Thanks.

Karen Hodge

Great to deal with.. Quick to respond to any query. Haven't had a drop out of website at all ! (touch wood) Very happy overall :)


I couldn't be happier with Freesites! Its given me exactly what I needed to create a simple website for my new business. And when I had a question it was answered in minutes - amazing! Highly recommended.

Jacqueline Edgecombe

I've been using freesites since 2010, it has been really easy to use and I love that I have so much control over my content & images.I rank really well in Google searches so freesites must be working on keeping Google happy. This website has allowed me to become completely self employed doing something a I really enjoy, Thanks Freesites

Fiona King

Wow. I have built other websites for different business's I have been involved in but this is the simplest to operate. It is so easy to get around. Thanks

Tony Woodcock

I thought I would wait till I completed setting up my website to offer a testimonial but I can't, I'm too impressed! I had a previous business website custom designed that I used for 5 years - it was never as user friendly as this! I love how it all works like it should and smoothly, almost effortlessly. Thank you. I'm still learning but it's more fun than a chore!

Marjorie Lim

Freesites offers an easy to use, inexpensive website package that can be tailored to your needs. No huge outlay upfront and no long contracts was also something that attracted me.
There after sales service and support is prompt and helpful.

Joanne Falchi

Great service and very easy tools to build your own custom sites.

Peter Bone

Freesites is a great website service, makes setting up your own website simple, even for a muggins like me!!

Elaine Read

The ability to have multiple pages and edit all of them is just great made even better by the low price. I have tried others but they all disappoint.

Paul Tooze

I have been using Freesites for 4 years.

I have found the site very easy to use and I am glad that I am able to make any changes to my website when it suits me.

Freesites support is reliable and prompt.

As I have in the past so I will continue in the future - to recommend Freesites to anyone requiring their own website!

Thank you to Roger and the team at Freesites!

Deborah Chaplin

Freesites are the best around! I have 3 sites with them and when I have needed help Marianne has been a rock getting me on the right path. Can not recommend Freesites enough. Great service, great price and great product.

Peter W

Peter Warren

Easy to use, great people to work with,always very helpful.

wendy Diez

When I post a query or problem via the 'Help' tab I always receive prompt and great service from

Allison Mckean

Easy enough!!!

Lullaby Nanny Share

Love the ease of use of the website

Chloe Tortorella

I am really pleased that I chose to use Freesites as host for my webstore.
The pages are user-friendly and to format and update. Only limited computer skills are required.

Prompt tech support and assistance ensures problems are resolved quickly.
Freesites was recommended to me by a friend and I have recommended Freesites to other friends.

Robyn Gulline

Very happy with the product and support


A big thank you to the team at Freesites for your fantastic customer service! We were left high and dry when our previous web designer decided to opt out of managing our CMS service - we approached the team at Freesites for help and they came to the rescue - nothing was too much trouble. You made the transition across to your CMS and hosting absolutely painless. Can't thank you enough! We will be happily recommending you and the Freesites service to others.

Michael Cox

Very easy to operate, Australian based, friendly and helpful. Problems solved immediately. Highly recommended.

wendy diez

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for coordinating our new websites, although we are only in it's infancy stages to date, you have helped us in all aspects. Your suggestions along the way have been beneficial and extremely helpful. I appreciate you spent much more time getting us setup and coordinating the multiple sites and I was just being painful with all all my demands, but never once did you indicate this was an issue or fob me off. Then, you offered the benefits of SEO which I had no idea what this meant at all, let alone trying to do it myself. So having the professional staff at Freesites has just made this so easy for me. I could not have figured out all background work at all without you, nor spent the amount of time without you getting the site setup. Lastly, you were always responsive and pro active. You are a genius at what you all do.Keep up the fantastic job you do for dumbo's like me!

Debbie Lambert

A fantastic service that allows for a professional easy to use website that since setting up has doubled our business. I tell everyone in business to look at Freesites as it is extremely cost effective. Thank you Freesites

Kelly Garske

Freesites has provided us with an economical, turn-key web-page design and hosting service. Easy to use, plus our international sales have increased within just one month.We were quoted hundreds of dollars by other, local independant web-designers, but prefer the control, flexibility and budget provided by the freesites service. Perfect for our needs.

Alan Bruce

I'm loving my Freesites webpage. I update it regularly and like the way it looks on screen - I don't think anyone would know it isn't professionally done.

The online support is excellent. You get help when you need it and no question is too stupid to ask!!!!


Freesites is the best! They have helped me with my website and I haven't had any problems. Keep up the great work!

Peter Dimitriou

This is a great service and I recommend this site to anyone. The price you pay for this is affordable than the rest of them. Other website providers are not affordable like freesites and I recommend them to anyone who is starting a business.

Anthony Daley

You are in good hands with Freesites! From their incredible customer service (which is much better than the bigger ecommerce platforms), to their great templates, their monthly updates and their feature set, ask yourself WHY aren't you with Freesites?

Rebekah Verzeletti

We at Mamma Bears Kidswear have been delighted with Freesites. The Content Management System has been easy to use and the website was very straightforward to setup. Also been very impressed with the support and the speed in which my requests have been responded to! Keep up the good work!

Rachelle Puffette

Dear Qads, Roger and Team at Freesites,
I just wanted to take the time to say Thank you to you all for all of your hard work and support. I really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to help me and my business out. You always get back to me straight away when I have a question or have always fixed something for me straight away which is much appreciated. It's so hard to get excellent customer service these days and you guys are just awesome! I hope others appreciate you helping them as much as I have. You have built such a user friendly system and are always willing to take on our ideas to improve it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for everything you have done for me and my business. I really do appreciate your professionalism and hard work. Keep up the great work! I would definitely recommend you to anyone I know that needs a website.