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I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for coordinating our new websites, although we are only in it's infancy stages to date, you have helped us in all aspects. Your suggestions along the way have been beneficial and extremely helpful. I appreciate you spent much more time getting us setup and coordinating the multiple sites and I was just being painful with all all my demands, but never once did you indicate this was an issue or fob me off. Then, you offered the benefits of SEO which I had no idea what this meant at all, let alone trying to do it myself. So having the professional staff at Freesites has just made this so easy for me. I could not have figured out all background work at all without you, nor spent the amount of time without you getting the site setup. Lastly, you were always responsive and pro active. You are a genius at what you all do.Keep up the fantastic job you do for dumbo's like me!

Debbie Lambert

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