Our Freesite website builder is a comprehensive do-it-yourself web site tool, which allows you to build your own website from scratch, all for free. All you pay for is the $16 monthly hosting.

Basically, it works like this:

  1. You sign up
  2. The system creates your account
  3. We register your domain name if you requested one
  4. You start creating your site.

It's that easy!

You will have your own private admin area - a password protected 'engine room' where you can completely control the content and look/design of your entire site.
It includes tools which allow you to do things like:

  • upload your logo and other images
  • create new pages (links will be automatically created and added to the navigation
  • re-order your site links
  • specify site settings, such as email addresses
  • view site statistics
  • change templates any time from a growing collection of styles and colour schemes
  • manage add-ons such as a blog, poll, gallery, e-commerce shop and more!

Will my site be mobile friendly?

Yes, all templates have built in mobile friendliness at no extra cost. You can enable it or disable it, and choose the style of mobile look you prefer.

Will my site be search engine friendly?

Yes, You will be able to specify keywords and a description which will be used in the meta tags for each page, and for Google, your keywords will also be placed into the page titles. each site comes with a sitemap.xml and friendly 302 redirects for old pages

Is it easy to use? I'm not good with design and I don't know any HTML at all!

Yes, we have made it virtually foolproof. The system helps you create, save, and edit your website pages. The editing interface uses the same buttons that you would find in Microsoft Word, so using it is a breeze. (Just don't paste content from another website or from Microsoft Word, as that will include hidden formatting that can make a mess of your page, and even prevent it from saving.) Why not try the demo and see for yourself?

Can I upload PDF files and link to them on a page?

Yes, when you create a link, you can choose from a list of current pages, an external website address, or a list of files you have uploaded.

What happens if I want to take the site down? Is there a minimum contract term?

Everyone hates contracts, and so do we! Your hosting (which is all you will be paying for) is a month to month fee, charged monthly, to your credit card. You can terminate your account at any time you like from within your site admin area. No need to contact us about it.

Can I sell from my site and have people pay with credit card?

Yes! There is a shop module that you can enable for an extra $10 per month. Your customers can pay you with their credit card via PayPal (you need a Business PayPal account), or they can pay with a bank deposit. Other payment methods include payment by phone and cash on delivery.

Can I have multiple email boxes set up for different email addresses?

What you pay for monthly is the hosting of the site, $16 per month includes the ability to forward all emails sent to the domain to your signup email address. If you would like to have separate and additional email boxes, the rate is $2 per month per email box. Each mailbox has a 50 MB capacity. You can receive emails of any size depending on the available capacity of your mail box, which is why it's a good idea to have your email program remove emails from the server once they are downloaded to your computer or device.

Can you change the templates for us?

Yes, we're open to suggestions, and are able to make a variation of an existing one just for your site to suit you better!

I already registered my domain name, what do I have to do so that it is hosted by your server?

To transfer your domain to our hosting server, you just need to login to the site where you registered the domain and change the nameserver settings to:

Can I change the MX records for my hosting to have my email accounts hosted elsewhere?

This is usually unnecessary and and can cause issues in the future. At just $16 per month for hosting, we need to keep everything as labour and hassle free as possible. We provide email hosting so there is no reason to have it hosted elsewhere. At $2 per month for a safe secure and reliable email box with webmail included, it's worth it. And if you really can't afford the extra $2 per month, we can set up the email address and have all mail sent to it forwarded instantly and automatically to your current (or any other) email address. If you really want us to change the MX records to point your email to another server, such as googlemail, then there is a $2 per month fee that applies for the re-routing of email. We'll also need to set your hosting to treat email as external so that your forms in your site still work, if you have them set to send to an email address at your domain.

How much is domain registration?

Domain registration and renewals are $35 per year.

Is there FTP or cPanel access?

No. There is no need to to have access to these as everything you need is in the Freesites sytstem.

its a good website

Anthony Daley

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